Pritchard Pharmacy stocks leading brands of healthcare, skincare, family care and nutritional products. Our philosophy is to source and stock Australian made products prioritising stock from locally owned companies and ethically sourced options.

Ego was founded in Melbourne in 1953 and is still  Australian made and owned by the original family. The QV range was developed for the Queen Victoria Hospital in Melbourne. and now produces a whole range of skin care including sunscreen.
MooGoo make effective skin care products using healthy ingredients, that are comfortable using on ourselves and our loved ones. MooGoo is an Australian, family owned business that manufactures in Australia. 

Mater baby products were developed by Mater Maternity hospital in Queensland. The company is Australian owned and products are Australian made. All products are dermatologically tested ph balanced and suitable for sensitive skin.
Nappy Goo is a soothing and gentle cream with mild antiseptic properties that forms a barrier to prevent, manage and treat nappy rash. Nappy Goo was developed by the Pharmacy Department of the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and is manufactured in Melbourne.
Blackmores was founded in 1932 by naturopath Maurice Blackmore. Blackmores is still an Australian owned, family run vitamin company listed on the ASX who has manufacturing plants in Australia and manufacture 80% of its products in Australia and New Zealand.
Bioceuticals provide high-quality, practitioner-only, nutritional and therapeutic supplements, manufacturing the majority of products in Australia.

Ethical Nutrients are natural medicine professionals understanding it is not just ingredients, but nutrients that are essential for better health. 
Inner Health have been researching, studying and developing an in-depth understanding of gut health for over 30 years. We know that getting the right gut health solution for your condition can make all the difference.
Originating in France, Innoxa is an industry leader in high quality hypoallergenic beauty products. The company is now Australian owned and has been manufacturing here since the 1930’s.
Boody set out to create a softer fabric and a comfier fit. They strived to do this without ego to change the way people think about their clothing choices. Boody are Australian owned and ethically source their materials from overseas always keeping the environment top of mind.
Fashionable sunglasses that offer the highest level of sun protection for the whole family. Eyewear that you can trust, whatever the occasion. The Cancer Council range also offers sunscreens and hat wear.
Mutaflor® is a unique probiotic, clinically examined with strain specific characteristics and proven efficacy. It is made in Germany and is the only probiotic to be registered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia for relief and management of chronic constipation.